Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wisconsin Open for Corruption

Let’s stop those times when a bad person kept their job. Sure. The problem is that without the civil service process (private sector jobs), there are people that should be fired and are not. People should take a moment and think to themselves if they ever had a coworker or boss that should have been fired. Private sector people, think of how many incompetent employees you know. It is the same amount in the state system. You would solve nothing.

The hiring process is slow in the state. But is not because of the civil service system. If we should test kids to make sure they are competent, shouldn’t we do that for employees? The process is slow because of funding. Hiring moves along at a snail’s pace to save money in a foolish manner. It is not getting the approval of the employee, but the approval of the money for the position.

This “reform” bill and the people that will call me names for posting this all want a scapegoat. Unless you can provide some facts to back it up. And not just a handful, but show that it is a problem. Tell us how unions keep terrible employees from getting fired. All they can do or could ever do is sit on disciplinary meetings and provide representation if the union thought a wrong had been made. Unions have helped wrongly accused. They may have even helped someone to be given a second chance to improve. That is not a bad thing. People keep their jobs in the private and public sector through cronyism. This would increase without civil service tests and objective criteria that a resume-based system would not have.

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