Friday, November 13, 2015

The 1% try to end the middle class.

Maybe people are becoming too dependent on government.  Maybe people want the government to do too much. Even if these problems were true, I think we have a bigger problem-  the loss of the middle class.  I have heard that and didn't think that sounded too bad.  However, this does not mean half the people are going down and half going up, it means most are going to the poor side.

In history, when this happened, there were revolts and revolutions.  In our country unions were formed and there was bloodshed.   These were caused because people were being slowly buried by the oppression.  They had no choice.  Thanks to government and its protection, we cannot be starved.  As employees we are guaranteed rights.  So we cannot be indentured by owing money to the company store.  We can make enough money to get buy and even have luxuries such as big tvs and cell phones.

However, this does not make things fair.  More importantly, the current trend of giving power to the companies does not make us sustainable. The fact that we have won some protections simply muddies the waters and makes the line less clear.  We are not hungry in the street.  This keeps us from becoming violent.  This keeps the problem from being dealt with.  But it is there and it is getting worse. 

Government labor laws and yes government assistance keeps people from rioting and disrupting the nation as a whole.  In exchange, the rich people have to give up some money to have a stable and lucrative environment to do business. Without unions-given labor laws, companies and the rich could do the free market thing and people get what they can strive for.  This would come down to - I will make my money at the expense of other people because they can. Besides the misery it would cause, this would lead to a disruptive economy and chaos.  This would sort things out.

However in today’s society, we do things through laws.  To prevent chaos, the government steps in and makes things equitable.  This protects the rich and the poor.  Just because the rich are not able to keep the lower class in a state of not surviving, does not mean that they should be allowed to buy the government and do what they want.  They are a part of The United States and need to conform to our ideals and protection of freedom.  Right now they are slowing buying those ideals and protections up.

The further we get from equity and we are moving away from it, the more this country moves towards chaos.

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