Sunday, November 1, 2015

Religion causes as many abortions as it stops.

In this article:

The Damaging Effects of Shame-Based Sex Education: Lessons From Elizabeth Smart

we learn how super religious edicts made Elizabeth stay with her rapists out of shame. It made her feel worthless and nothing comes from people feeling worthless.  Unfortunately I think that often strict religious upbringing does just that. Religion allows for mistakes, but with children, they often just feel the pressure.

This pressure makes them rebel and have sex.  Because of religion, they do not use contraceptives and end up pregnant.

Now we may think, well without religion, then there could not be abortions. However, desperate teenagers without fully formed brains will look for ways out of their problems. This will endanger their lives as well as those of the fetus.

Secondly, abortions are legal. Right now shame is causing many of the abortions.

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