Friday, November 27, 2015

Plenty of Poor

Rich is the country with plenty of poor.   Joseph Heller

Heller wrote this in his book Picture This. He was describing how in The Netherlands, textile companies sought out children to work in their mills.  How succinctly Heller described the truth of corporations. It does not need to be this way. But it is.

Countries need industries. Industries need profits. How do they make the most profit? By having cheap labor. To maximize profits, companies charge as much as they can while paying as little as they can.

That is what is happening to our country.  Koch brothers and the tea parties are tricking working class people into providing cheap labor. They want to degrade education so that people are not smart enough to work at high paying jobs. They gather power by going against abortion and wanting to turn back our values to the 50s. We had work values in the 50s, but our moral compasses were terrible.

Like Heller said, the more poor people we have, the richer our country is.  More and more our country is corporations.

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