Sunday, July 1, 2018

Lizzie Files Calls for Impeachment

I am all for more security at our border.  However, Trump is going against our christian values by detaining young people and tearing families apart.  It is not winning by having the best ideas, but winning through fear.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Working cheaper, not smart

Gov. Walker ran on a platform of cutting waste. That's a good thing. Sorta.  Except when you cut things just to cut things.

The current way Wisconsin is run is that you tighten things up regardless of what harm is done. They have screwed up how agencies order things.  For greater control. However, if you have dedicate, comptetent people, you do not have to worry about waste. Yes there are bad apples in every organization, but I doubt you really stop them.

Who you stop is those that want to make progress in their goals. Again, some oversight is good because it makes people answer questions- there are checks and balances.

More importantly though, too much power just makes the people in charge corrupt.  i suspect that the extra control is to give contracts to friends. 

Meanwhile those not in politics but work for the government, have their times wasted by the extra bureaucracy that has been in place to replace bureaucracy.

Sorry short-sighted dimwits, it takes money to do things.  You may as well use enough to accomplish things instead of cutting costs and achieving nothing.

Sunday, March 25, 2018


For some people, perhaps all people, anger has become automatic.  They react, that reaction is anger. I think it is because we are so out of touch with our emotions.
Some of those people take a second look and then back off of anger.  They go to the person that they reacted to and touch the subject again

Some people don’t. They do not reflect on a situation. The anger sounds right to them and they stick with it. Even as their relationships crumble and their life grows dark, they do not stop.  It just seems as though their actions are justifiable.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Annoying trolls

aren't those losers that troll around the internet and imitate the people they disagree with annoying.  More than annoying, they are ruining our society.

They get money and quite frankly get off on it.  It strokes their "Whatever."

If they were to step back, they would see they are doing the devil's work.  They are evil...and they enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Can Trump be what we hope for?

Can Trump be what we hope for?

I don’t think so.  But here is one reason rolling around in my head.  We hate career politicians because they say whatever they need to to get elected. Trump is the same way- just more awkwardly so that we think he is sincere-  he is actually just more bold.

Like all politicians, he has held every position on the issues.  He has said something and admitted he said something just because he needed to.

In the end, he may have landed on your side (conservative, you ignorant slut).  That does not mean there is going to be any really change.  Especially when the houses still have to play politics.  They are still beholding to the american people. (In Wisconsin, republicans have made laws and gerrymandered districts to take the power away from people, but they won’t be able to at the national level.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lizziefiles Confessions

Madonna featuring Ray of Light in Miammi, Conf...
Madonna featuring Ray of Light in Miammi, Confessions Tour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Confession-  If America was in bad shape and my family was suffering, I would sneak into Canada, get a job illegally and send money home to my loved ones.  I don’t especially care about building the wall.  Maybe it will force Mexico to get better.  But don’t demonize illegals for the simply act of being illegal if you would do the same.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

If trump succeeds

English: Abortion laws in the United States pr...
English: Abortion laws in the United States prior to Roe vs. Wade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If trump succeeds in his promise to make abortions illegal, there will in fact be more abortions.  The people that want to get rid of it do not want to look at the bigger picture. That there are not simple answers.
Of course, there is the argument of wrong is wrong.  I wish abortion was not a reality.  It is though.  In the same way, Christians believed the Bible, but killed native Americans for their land and hung black men for being uppity. God-fearing men drag homosexuals to their deaths.  Jesus was born in a time of a lot of wars. How hard to he rail against it? Need I find Bible verses stating good times to kill people and we do not follow them?
Make it illegal and then what?  Arrest any doctor that performs it? Our prosecuting attorneys and court system are already overworked.  Will it be able to file charges on the doctors.  Many many people will still want abortions.  Will these communities go after them? No.  But they will not need to.
What will the prochoice people do with all their time and money.  Probably fight to get abortions legal again. However, they will also set up a system to help out women.  Money to help them go out of country to where abortions are legal.
I believe that a whole economy will be set up.  American doctors will go to Mexico to get rich.  Women will take abortion vacations.  Go down to a warm destination.
Of course, that is for the women in well-to-do households.  Poor women will have to go back to coat hangers.  Just as bad will be the black market.  Abortions will be the new marijuana. Illegal, but common place.
Setting aside the argument that abortions are just the beginning of controlling women’s bodies (which we shouldn’t, because people do want to do that), women will have less control.  Young females, especially may decide just not to have sex.  Some will then abstain and that is good.  Many, however, will not prepare themselves for sex, but then they will get into a situation where they need contraceptives.
They won’t have them. Sometimes a baby will happen.  Sometimes an abortion will happen.
Those that do get pregnant will then try to hide their pregnancy for as long as possible. Avoiding prenatal care while they figure out what to do or hope for a miscarriage. And what of miscarrgaiges.  Will a hearing have to be held to determine if a woman had a miscarriage or an abortion. Will she be found guilty and face jailtime? There has to be a deterrent, right?
Will there need to be a hearing for a woman claiming rape?  Won’t a woman have to go to court to prove that she did not deserve the kid inside of her. If the answer is yes, then what a terrible thing.  If the answer is no, a doctor can just sign off and say he performed an abortion because the woman was raped.  There’s the loophole to keep it legal.  Then all those young women that are not on contraception and get pregnant have a way to get an abortion.

This is a stretch, but what if people stopped fighting Roe V Wade?  Pro Choice people are passionate about women. I believe they would turn their focus to helping women and abortions are traumatic. Prolife people could spend their money on helping them as well.  Fund adoptions instead of church picnics.
Prochoice candidates would not give speeches about it. The abortion message would not be so prevalent. Without pressure from both sides, I think most young women would choose adoption.