Friday, November 27, 2015

Founding Fathers

Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the ...
Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When creating the foundation of our nation, our founding fathers did not look to the Bible for ideas. They did not have the Bible open and then write An eye for an eye. No they built, (without doing research on this) on ideas most directly from the French and other European countries philosophy of enlightenment. Of course, this was not all. They looked at and built upon the Roman and Greeks.
I like that our nation has many Christians in it. That our principles of interacting with people is Christian and not Muslim. But we are not a Christian nation. We are a nation that values and protects peoples’ right to worship as they please. And this is the reason we are strong. Not our Christian values. If the strict Christians had control of our nation as the Muslims have control of Iraq and other middle eastern countries, we would not have a good society.
Women would not have choices over the bodies. People would be persecuted for the sexual orientation. Want proof, close your eyes and imagine our country as the republican presidential candidates speak.
Scary.  People being kept track of and judged on their religion. Woman forced to adhere to the Bible.

Say nothing of my religion. It is known to my god and myself alone.
-- Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to John Adams, 11 January 1817, in Lester Cappon, ed. The Adams-Jefferson Letters, (1959) p. 506, quoted from Jeremy Koselak, "The Exaltation of a Reasonable Deity: Thomas Jefferson’s Critique of Christianity"

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