Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Bible is not a Road map

Closeup of bumper sticker with famous Sinclair...
Closeup of bumper sticker with famous Sinclair Lewis line "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross" Uploaded by Outsider80 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Government is a system of rules.  Are you with me so far?  You know what else has rules that govern us.  The rules of the road.  We have a system of laws so that we can go from one place to another.  We are able to create and follow these rules without mentioning religion. It works great.  It works better than our federal and state governments.

Not one mention of God.  They are not based on the Bible.  Yet people are free to be religious.  You can listen to a religious station and listen to the BIBLE on tape.  You can even be a pastor and rehearse or even preach your sermon to anyone you want in your car.

You can let your christian faith influence how you drive. Please do.  Give to others, love one another, turn the other cheek.  But also atheists can not and only follow the rules of the road and you still go about your day.
Religious people can have a Jeus is my copilot bumper sticker. We have laws that protect your right to have it.  You can be at a stop light and ask the driver next to you if they have accepted Jesus.  Perfectly acceptable. But you cannot have laws that force people to pray while driving. You are okay with that.

Now the laws of the road have some things that go against your religion.  Trucks can have chrome outlines of naked women.  Some bumper stickers have swear words on it. The meak shall inherit the earth, but suck at merging.

The Bible tells you adulterous and gay people should be stoned.  You see a Miatta with a rainbow sticker on it or a Outback being driven by a woman in a flannel shirt and you are not happy. You make a comment to the people in your car, but you do not stone them.  You let them go on their merry way and you are actually okay that you let them be on their way.

We can do that with the laws of our nation. No one will stop your religious rights and yet everyone can be on their merry way.

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