Sunday, March 20, 2016

All Should be Welcomed

Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washingto...
Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washington, DC, with a LGBT banner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right wing Christians believe that they are not hateful- they just know homosexuality is wrong. By all means, preach it on the street corner. Let Jesus go and find them. But do not let it interfere with the core beliefs this country is founded on. Is it the Bible? No. The founders were Christians. In the same way that football players are Americans. They are influenced by their American values, but the rules are set up so that anyone can play.

That is what we should be asking of America. For the rules to be fairly applied. Fundamentalists want to keep this from happening to the LGBT community. They pretend it is out of love. They don’t want their tax money spent on homosexual weddings or some such nonsense. Yet I suspect they know that under the guise of protecting their religion, they get to be hateful. 

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