Monday, May 16, 2016

But First

Center for Sexual Assault Victims
Center for Sexual Assault Victims (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let’s prevent assault by trans gendered people in bathrooms. First though, let’s prioritize and handle the bigger chances of assaults:
-No more priests, pastors or church leaders in religious education classes- anywhere there is children
-Conservative politicians should not be allowed in airport bathrooms or allowed to have aides.
-There is a problem with rape and sexual assaults in the military. Most soldiers are to be regarded as heroes. a few though are bad people. Let’s keep an eye on all soldiers just in case.
-In fact, Sex offenders are overwhelmingly white males. Nearly 99% of sex offenders in single-victim incidents were male and 6 in 10 were white (Greenfeld, 1997). Let’s make sure this population is regulated and supervised- They should not be allowed to marry as they cause many problems in society. They are ruining America.

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