Friday, December 18, 2015

I Can No Longer vote Republican

English: In 2010, the US House passed the Sena...
English: In 2010, the US House passed the Senate's Healthcare bill. The map above represents the breakdown of the vote by congressional district. How did the House vote? Democratic yes Republican yes Abstention Democratic no Republican no (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There was a time when I voted for the candidate that was the most honest. The one the stuck with his own principals.For a long time it was conservatives.  They took the nonpopular stances.  The ones that did not cater to people's desire to get something for their vote.

Thanks to Walker and the other candidates I will never vote for a conservative again. They have shown their true colors.

There is the outright corruption.  More pervasively is their desire to cater to the people and the corporations with the money.

They use trigger topics to sway people of faith and independent minded people.  Okay not sway. Trick.  They convince #catholics and others that there is a war on Christmas and religion. They try to empower #homeschooling parents so that they can dismantle schools.  STo be frank, some people can teach their children well.  Then there is the trailer trash people that think they can, but they damage their children.  These dumb children and the weakened public schools play into the republicans (liek #Walker) plan to make america dumber. The dumber you are the more reactionary you are and that's what the tea party needs to thrive.  They want a nation that works at Walmart, receives food stamps from the government, and then spend their food stamp monies to show at Walmart.

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