Sunday, February 5, 2017

Just remember

A chart showing average monthly welfare benefi...
A chart showing average monthly welfare benefits (AFDC then TANF) per recipient in constant 2006 dollars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conservatives think they want to get rid of social programs.  Remember, we’ve had an absence of programs a lot longer than we have had them.

Dog eat dog didn’t work.  That is why we developed them.

 It seems like democrats want to gain power by giving.  It seems like conservatives want to gain power by taking.  Both are wrong beliefs (except for extremists and racists).  Most people want a moderate reasonable approach.  We’ll get neither while we let pundits and social media sway our beliefs and values.

You are a self-made success.  Yo work hard and smart and earned every dollar you got. Yet part of the reason that you were able to is because we have a safe stable society (relative speaking)

If you did not have taxes, and we did not have social safetfy nets, what do you think would happen.  Yes some people would get jobs  May would not.  Are country would be unsafe.  Think of your business.  Is there any of your businesses in the bad parts of the city?

Enough people would be forced to turn to crime.  Without support, less children would get out of bad situations and we would become a more unsafe place.

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