Saturday, February 6, 2016

Abortion is Guns

Abortion is Guns

Why is the NRA rabid about making sure no gun laws get enacted? They do not even a small one because they are afraid of the ability to carry a gun to slowly be hampered. Like smoking. Little reasonable requests until it is almost banned.
So believing abortion is wrong is reasonable. It understandable. However, prochoice people fight hard against it because they want control over their bodies. They feel they have to fight to protect their rights and I did not understand this until our current conservatives have come into play. They have clearly shown that they do not want to end abortion. They want to take control over women’s bodies. Their proposals and rhetoric have gone far beyond abortion.
Todd Akins has talked about legitimate rape. They want to enforce invasive ultrasounds because they already consented to penetration. Except now it would not be consensual. They want to be able to tell women no to contraceptives- we’ll tell you when you can get pregnant.

If their small requests weren’t so stupid, they would begin with those. They would define who was raped and which women are good and which women are bad and should be scorned. Instead they begin with one that people are passionate about and if they get abortion illegal, then they will throw in more measures to control women.

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